Omnicom Media Group are sponsoring the Tech Talk sessions at Spikes Asia this year, bringing delegates the latest in tech innovation, creativity and future facing thought-leadership.

Here are highlights from day 2.

Session 1 –Lean into change

Alex Jaspers
Alex Jaspers, strategist, Metalworks

A candy machine activated by tweets. Interaction with hashtags, controlling someone else’s body movements via electrodes connected to a computer.  Sounds fun right? The presentation by Metalworks demonstrated all this and more. The premise of the session was that failing fast and leaning into change driven by technology can reinvigorate advertising campaigns and there is a lot traditional agencies can learn from fast-growing start-ups. Through some fabulous demos and exciting technology prototypes for retail and activation campaigns covering emerging technologies such as virtual reality, sense detection and wearable technologies, the session explored how a culture of exploration and experimentation can help to enhance in-house innovation.

Alex Jaspers1

Session 2 – Measuring data beyond computers

Uwe Gutschow
Uwe Gutschow, SVP of Innovation and Technology, Innocean US

The relationship between data and creativity has been the hot topic of late for marketers and advertising executives over the past few years. But how can we evolve data’s influence on creativity beyond human behaviour just displayed on a computer or a mobile device? This was the question raised by Uwe Gutschow, SVP of Innovation and Technology at Innocean US, as he discussed his agency’s experimentation with MIT’s Pulse technology. While technology was originally developed for medical diagnostics and structural engineers, Uwe and his team have been exploring how  technology can be used to measure success of marketing campaigns. Through a live demonstration, Uwe dived into the benefits of pulse rate as a metric for advertising campaigns and the increasing importance biodata will have on the future of creativity.

Session 3 – Interactive Audio, Music for You, by You

Uncanny team creating music

In one of best presentations seen in recent times, Charlton Hill and Justin Shave of  Uncanny Valley enthralled the audience by demonstrating that even if you are not musical, the day is not far when the music you listen to will be created for you and by you. Using biometric, social and GPS data it’s becoming increasingly possible to predict a person’s current emotional state and link that to musical preferences. Further, by examining the building blocks of music, it may one day be possible to create original music based on your mood, composed in real-time. Music may just become more of a multi-dimensional experience, rather than being a single ‘beginning to end’ track. In a span of 40 minutes, the presenters took the audience on a fun, entertaining and interactive sonic experience that ended with a live demo of how we can manipulate moods via audio and technology. And, we also learnt that playing a piano can also be used for making a cocktail. True story

What will innovation in technology mean for advertising in 2020?

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PHD team

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