Nuvee Pongsathidporn

Managing Director, PHD Thailand

Nuvee has 15 years of brand building experience in the media industry. He has an MBA from Western Michigan University, and enjoys playing golf in his free time.

2001-2013: Nuvee commenced his media planning career at SPA Advertising and McCann Ericson

2004: He joined Starcom Thailand as a Planning Director.

2007: He was appointed as Regional Associate Director, where he oversaw the agency’s ASEAN P&G business.

2008: Nuvee joined MEC Thailand as Business Director, leading key businesses such as Colgate-Palmolive, CitiBank, Mercedes Benz, and Minor Food Group.

2010: He was promoted to General Manager of MEC Thailand and Managing Director later in 2014.

2015: Nuvee joined PHD Thailand as the Managing Director.