This week’s digital roundup is full of updates from Facebook as their growth outstrips traditional broadcast players like Channel 4; with details of Amazon’s continued dominance of the retail space, and a closer look at the world of augmented reality.



  • It was a bad week for Unilad as it was announced the company has gone into administration amidst growing debts
  • Facebook’s revenue increased by 50% last year, surpassing Channel 4’s ad sales.  Facebook announced ads will appear on Whatsapp next year and brought out a new first-party cookie
  • Instagram launches name tags – emulating Snap codes, whilst plans are afoot for their location data to be integrated into Facebook



  • Everything you need to know about the world of augmented reality in 2018
  • A look at the winning brands from Amazon’s Prime Day and how the event has shaped purchasing behaviour
  • Google’s AI company Deep Mind partners with a Japanese hospital to further progress cancer detection algorithms



  • A luxury furniture brand uses AI to virtually showcase its products to consumers
  • Use a QR code on London undergrounds to access vending washing machines
  • Facebook launches its new video chat device Portal



  • Explore how brands can utilise the entire Amazon ecosystem
  • Publishers reveal an increase in 2nd party data deals following GDPR
  • Learn about Stripe, the economic infrastructure powering the likes of Amazon and Facebook