If you’re in need of an antidote to all the festive cheer around, here’s a powerful short film about the dark side of Christmas or, failing that, a man in a costume prancing about pretending to be a high-tech robot.
  • Users can customise their dream car within Instagram Stories.
  • Adidas has used Snapchat’s AR to enable users to visualise the latest Ultra boost trainers on their feet prior to their official release.
  • Google’s Music Transformer AI uses machine learning to compose songs.
  • Google tried (and failed) to appeal to both creators and advertisers with YouTube’s Rewind – the footage quickly became the most disliked video in the platform’s history, beating Justin Bieber’s Baby.
  • Challenger brand Monzo disrupts the banking industry with its transparent, consumer-centric model.
  • Are chatbots a help or a hindrance to tackling mental health issues?