Facebook has dominated the headlines over the last week with a user-privacy ruling in Germany which they followed up – brazenly – with a marketing push of an in-app VPN under the banner “Protect”, and rounded it off with a bold PR offensive (on Twitter no less) in response to their starring role in the most recent of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s US–Russia investigation indictments with, shall we say, interesting results…never a dull moment!



  • Something to consider while you’re wrangling your weekly reports: someone made a 3D game engine in Microsoft Excel using nothing but formulas
  • New Google Trends with added real-time: Catch the wave
  • With ePrivacy set to follow hot on the heels of GDPR major German publishing groups and non-publisher partners are looking to login collectives to protect advertising revenue
  • Last Thursday was the day Chrome starts removing ads from sites that do not follow the Better Ads Standards (announced June 2017). Here’s how it works





  • With most manufacturers focusing on better hardware and title exclusivity in the never-ending console arms race, Nintendo does the most Nintendo thing ever debuting a combination of cardboard, rubber bands, IKEA-esque DIY, and augmented reality titled LABO
  • Quite a few people are building a new internet. No, seriously…
  • $2 million in treasure yet to be found; here’s a link to the map and clues. Tempted to have a go?