Jani Halme the creative director of ToinenPHD has been awarded the accolade of Great Journalistic Achievement in the Great Journalistic Awards competition. This is the Finnish equivalent of “Journalist of the Year”.

Jani publishes a series of short videos on his Twitter account as an initiative to promote ToinenPHD’s leadership in consumer understanding and communication innovation. In these videos Jani gives his views on the smallest news stories reported by local newspapers across Finland.

The initiative was a huge success for ToinenPHD in raising awareness of the agency. In addition, Jani’s short videos have become a viral hit, with an audience of half a million people. In addition, the videos were loved by the local Journalist community to the extent that Jani won this prestigious award. The jury of the Great Journalistic Awards praised the “Domestic News Flash” for emphasising the rich variety of Finnish local press and diminishing the juxtaposition between the city and the countryside, breaking the “bubbles” people live in.

The Great Journalistic Awards has been running in Finland since 2001.