Everything you need to know about what went down in mediaworld this week … a week that saw new partnerships forged, or at least suggested. Facebook has reached out to publishers inviting them to revenue share by publishing directly onto the social network, meanwhile Yahoo7 and Roy Morgan have partnered to integrate helix personas into Yahoo’s ad solutions. Plus Netflix partners with digital OOH to create realtime GIFting. In PHD world we took over ten pages of B&T this week to talk gamification and the PHDcast fixes industry awards. No biggie then. We’ll be back next week … catcha then, ‘pardner


PHD talks Gamification in B&T Takeover

If PHD had ten pages of B&T Magazine to use as we wish what would we do? We’d give the industry a masterclass on Gamification of course! Fortunately B&T asked us the former and we provided the later. Check it out in the new edition of B&T, and a big whoop and thanks to B&T for helping to make it happen.

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Facebook asks publishers to post articles direct to its mobile app

The direct-to-Facebook publishing approach is an attempt to make content consumption more seamless on mobile. A content share agreement may also mean publishers would be signing away rights to data. The idea is that any advertising revenue would be shared. Read more.

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Yahoo7 and Roy Morgan Partner for Better Targeting

Yahoo7 and Roy Morgan have just announced they are partnering to integrate Helix Personas in to Yahoo7 advertising solutions. This new partnership will allow advertisers to better target specific audience segments across the Yahoo7 network. Roy Morgan’s Helix Personas is a consumer segmentation and data integration tool that classifies the Australian population in to 51 unique personas with in 7 different communities based on psychographic and behavioural data. Yahoo7 will now be able to build upon their current targeting capacity that connects advertisers to a qualified audience by utilising these comprehensive segments. This is significant for digital media as it is now simpler and more precise than ever to identify and reach desired target audiences. Read more.

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Netflix gets GIF’y in France

Netflix recently launched in France, and did so in a clever way that showcased TV/Movie snippets across digital OOH. Tapping into the pop culture trend of GIF’ting, they created a series of animated GIF’s that dynamically updated based on current affairs, weather and news. Read more.

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QSR Taco Bell blacks out all owned channels directing people to download their new app

Taco Bell’s new mobile app allows customers to choose pick up in-store or via drive-through, rotate to reorder and customise their order using any ingredient in the store. Read more.

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Turn Garbage into Gigabytes this Summer

In Tunisia, rubbish on the beach is a huge problem. To preserve the beach for future generations, Tunise Telecom created a unique hotspot to encourage people to pick up after themselves. The telecommunications company brought in a device that converted each kilogram of collected waste into a gigabyte of 3G mobile internet. The device was linked to a screen that showed, in real time, the kg-to-GB conversion. Read more.