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Talenti’s ‘Flavorize Me’ campaign

Gelato brand Talenti has launched a campaign that uses social media profiles to create personalised ice cream flavours. An algorithm scans platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for keywords, which are then linked to different ingredients and combined to create the perfect ice cream flavour for you. Read more.

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Facebook has launched a live streaming offering, but only for famous people

The streaming system lets celebrities connect more with their fanbase.
“With Live, public figures can take fans behind the scenes, host a Q&D, share announcements, and more – all in real time”. The service has been likened to two other live video apps, Meerkat and Periscope.
One of the first Australian celebrities to embrace the platform is Delta Goodrem, who is using the platform to celebrate the release of her new single ‘Wings’, and will host a live Q&A broadcast during The Voice. Read more.

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Domino’s Pizza School

Domino’s is educating the world on how to make pizza, and that includes both customers and competitors. The fast food chain have launched Domino’s Pizza School, a fun website where you can take online classes in pizza making in a virtual “campus” constructed of only Domino’s Pizza boxes and ingredients. Read more.

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Thinking of Upgrading to Windows 10?

The recent upgrade of the world’s most popular operating system has had mixed reviews to date. Microsoft are making it easier for consumers to seamlessly transition from one device to another, with Windows 10 being equally suited to tablets and PC’s, playing on their single user experience vision of the future. Features include Edge, an alternative to Internet Explorer, a voice-controlled virtual assistant, Cortana, along with the ability to stream real-time games to your desktop from an Xbox One, which will make the gamers amongst us very happy. Overall this is a great step forward from the bug bears of previous versions, and if you are a fan of touchscreen devices, you will be easily converted. Read more.

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Target utilise Beacon technology to promote in store deals

Target, the second largest general merchandise retailer in the U.S., announced this morning that it will start testing beacon technology in 50 of it’s stores nationwide. With beacon technology, the company says it will be able to send information about deals as well as recommendations directly to consumers smartphones, provided they opt in to receive alerts. Read more.