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Toyota’s Oculus Rift-Based Distracted Driving Simulator Perfectly Parrots Annoying Friends

The education potential of VR and the Oculus Rift is already well-established, but this year at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Toyota showed off TeenDrive365, a driver education simulation to teach new drivers about the risks of distracted driving. The simulator puts drivers in the cockpit of a Toyota vehicle, in a fully immersive virtual environment that includes passengers, traffic, buildings and roadway obstacles.
This simulator is part of Toyota’s larger TeenDrive365 project, which includes a number of resources, including tools, advice and event listings, to help new drivers get accustomed to driving, hopefully without fender benders or more serious incidents along the way. Read more.

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What does your selfie reflect about you?

Ray-ban has created an app that allows users to shoot, edit and share unique double exposure pictures. “Reflections” lets every unique selfie tell a story and translates Ray-ban’s contemporary lifestyle into an inspirational visual universe. And let’s face it – who doesn’t love a selfie! Watch here.

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Microsoft releases video of their vision of the future

Microsoft ask “How could emerging technology transform the way get things done 5-10 years in the future?” in new video. Read more.

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Will you dare to compete with a real live Tiger?

The World Wide Fund For Nature have created a competition between humans and an Amur tiger, raising awareness of the dangers being experienced by Tiger’s in the wild. Participants can visit the Run 4 Tiger “Tiger Challenge” by visiting www.run4tiger.com. Connecting the site with their chosen running Mobile App, athletes can go head to head in a time trial with an animal fitted with a GPS tracker near Bol’shaya Soldatka in the east of Russia. Entrants can monitor their performance against the big cat and other contestants by following the hashtag #Run4Tiger on Twitter. Should the participant lose against the Tiger they will donate $5 to WWF to help protect and raise awareness about the demise of the Species. This is an ingenuous campaign which combines mobile and healthy competition which is for an extremely worthwhile cause. Can you and fellow Athlete’s race and defeat a Tiger? Watch here.