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iPad ads create an interactive experience.

Always known for their unique ads, Volkswagen utilised the typical iPad ad but added more on a corporate social responsibility piece around Motorcycle Riders and Volkswagen’s Side Assist technology. The ad sees users unsuspectingly swiping to a new page to unlock the interactive experience and is a great example of interactive digital ads that drive a message. Watch here.

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Ultimate Tinder

This week the world was graced with the release of Tinder Plus, the paid version of the popular app that some of us may be familiar with…
It’s international in scope, as a girl goes from London to Paris to Istanbul, which helps to demonstrate one of Tinder Plus’s key new features, “Passport,” which allows you to search a new location without actually being there. It also briefly shows off the “Rewind” feature, which lets you undo an accidental swipe-left (THANKGOD!). Watch here.

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Ikea build wireless charging into new line of furniture

Ikea have partnered with the Wireless Power Consortium to add wireless charging on a new line of furniture, but beware, wireless standards haven’t been established, so it won’t work with all devices. Read more.

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Fear of Flying? Take off with Mobile

Now that Mobile Devices are allowed during takeoff, ANA saw an opportunity to create the first – ever gaming app powered by take-off.
ANA developed Takeoff Mode to soothe your mind from the stress of travel.
It’s a fun distraction that turns takeoff into a game and makes flying more enjoyable. Watch here.