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Facebook is taking over your internet

Facebook has just announced new features and products to make you stay inside their walled garden longer. Time to be scared. Read more

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Routine Republic

”Routine Republic” is a riveting and surreal new Taco Bell campaign from Deutsch. They have cleverly twisted McDonald’s promise of happiness (on which the chain loves to harp) into a nefarious lie – a drab, grey, industrial landscape. The two main characters are fed up from their repetitive breakfast routine and want to break free to something different. Taco Bell have chosen the song “Blitzkrieg Bop” to play as the main characters try to escape the wrath of the creepy looking Ronald McDonald like guards. Being the universal theme song of teenage rebels in the late 70s, Taco Bell suggests the notion that they are the champion of non-conformists who simply want hexagonal, instead of circular breakfast foods. Watch here.

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L’Oréal launches Makeup Genuis App

L’Oréal Paris has moved into the technology space, launching an app that uses facial mapping technology to turn mobile devices into a ‘mirror’, allowing consumers to try on make up in real-time. This example of new age innovation in touch and feel allows consumers to not only trial different looks and trends, but to potentially share and purchase in-app. Read more.

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Mobile Payments on FB messenger

Facebook are following in the footsteps of LINE/ WeChat/ SnapChat and introducing mobile payments through their messaging app. Launching in the US in the coming months – sending money to your mates is seen by many as an easy way to change user behavior/get them comfortable sending money on the app before potentially introducing further m-commerce features. Read more.