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Activists use human holograms to protest, and you can get involved too

Protesters in Spain are appearing via hologram to express their outrage at new laws prohibiting assembly in front of government buildings, and people can participate simply by uploading an image to the organization’s website. It’s pretty impressive, but we’re a little concerned about how your image might be used in the future. Can these organizations make you appear in future rallies, since you’ve uploaded your image and given them permission to use it? Read more.

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Nike has launched their largest initiative yet in supporting and motivating women’s athletic journeys with a clever campaign called #betterforit. It is all about “powering women to be better through services, product innovation and athlete inspiration, motivating each other to push to the next level” Nike said.
The newest commercial captures the inner dialogue of women as they are faced with some of the common barriers that women are faced with when working out.
It’s a light and fun approach in contrast to more motivational Nike campaigns that have ran in the past, and it seems to be resonating with the average athlete. One YouTuber commented: “Its not often I love commercials, but this one reminds us that everyone has insecurities and that we can accomplish anything, and I think that’s a really special thing to focus on in an ad.” Watch here.

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Want to see if there are any cute Guys or Girls in your local Bar? Visor it!

Visor is a new App which allows users to see what is happening anywhere in the World. The setup is fairly simple – you make a request and put it out to the wider social sphere. Using location data a message is pushed to users nearby who then open the App and take a picture. The picture then appears on a map for others to view and you get a notification when your request has been completed. Never has deciding whether to stay in or go out on a cold night to find your potential better half been simpler. Read more.