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Shadow Wifi

Skin Cancer is one of the world’s fastest growing diseases, and in Playa Agua Dulce, Peru, the League Against Cancer has created an installation to help prevent it. Shadow WiFi is a tall structure that broadcasts a directional Wifi signal to supply free web access to anyone sitting within its shadow – those who move away into the sun are unable to connect. Watch here.

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Much like cancer, a viral video can really spread when it is left to its own devices. That was exactly the plan with this incognito message for testicular cancer, aimed at young Aussie men in the prone age group of 20-39. With over 70% of young Aussie blokes watching adult movies online, what better time to reach them; when they already have their pants down. A world first “pornterruptive” public health message hidden in the middle of a real adult film titled “Game of Balls” where the star stops mid action, talks directly to the viewer and demonstrates how to check for testicular cancer on her co-star. This is a great way to get such an important message out to a generation who might not normally think about testicular cancer. Watch here.

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Google & Twitter are friends again

Google has added Tweets back to its search results on mobile browsers and official apps which will give brands another reason to man their social accounts and plan hashtag campaigns carefully.Read more.

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Buy buttons could begin to appear on Mobile Google Search advertising in a matter of weeks.

Google plans to begin testing “buy buttons” that live inside the ads it puts above its normal search results. These sponsored results will reportedly take you to a special purchasing page that’s still hosted by Google where you can pick what type of product you want, and how soon you want to get it — all without leaving Google itself. Meanwhile, the company will let you store your credit card information to do it all over again at another time. Read more.