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US Navy Social media outreach

Without any media spent whatsoever US Navy created a furore social campaign for new cryptology recruits achieving incredible results. Watch here.

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Medibank Skipping Girl

Medibank promotes better health through exercise. Their aim for this campaign was to get young people to take out Private Health Insurance before the end of the financial year, when premiums increase for those without cover. YouTube was the perfect environment to target the young audience, but 94% of people skip ads there. Whybin TBWA Melbourne saw a link between skipping and skipping ads, a behaviour popular on YouTube, and created the first pre-roll ad that actually played more, the more it was “skipped.” Watch here.

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First 3D Printed Steel Bridge Developed by Dutch Startup MX3D to Span a Canal in Amsterdam

Dutch startup MX3D are attempting to build the world’s first 3D-printed bridge across an Amsterdam canal. Partnering with engineering software company Autodesk, this will be the first application of this technology for everyday use. One of the other collaborators on the project, Joris Laarman from Joris Laarman Lab was asked how the idea for the bridge came about: “We came to the conclusion that a bridge over the old canals of Amsterdam would be a fantastic metaphor for connecting the technology of the future with the city’s historic past.” In September, there will be a visitor centre where people can follow the progress of the project, and the City of Amsterdam will announce the exact location of the bridge. Read more.

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ReApply Reminder – A smart way to help prevent skin cancer this Summer.

Vitality Brands has created the ReApply Reminder – a smart sunscreen Bottle and iOS app designed to save lives by pro-actively reminding people when to ReApply Sunscreen.
Powered by custom Bluetooth LE technology in the lid, the bottle syncs with an iOS app, and automatically triggers the ReApply Reminder countdown from the moment a user applies sunscreen. The app then dynamically adjusts the recommended ReApply time, based on an algorithm that processes the live Weather, Location and UV Index Rating data to trigger ‘reminder’ notifications designed to remind people to ReApply sunscreen before they get burnt. Watch here.