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Miller Lite targets the men of Instagram with typography

After cleverly identifying that more than 2.6 million photos and videos have been shared on Instagram using the hashtag #typography, Miller Lite used this insight to inform its new campaign on Instagram, the platform that Cris Rivera, Director at Miller Lite, described as ‘quickly becoming guys’ No. 1 social network.’ Read more

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Facebook adds Siri rival to Messenger

Social-networking giant launches its artificial intelligence-based personal assistant to compete with Apple’s Siri. This new service offers users of Facebook Messenger tap into the vast stores of knowledge in the company’s databases for useful information. Read more

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Sweat it To Get it

Gatorade have partnered with NFL Films and TBWA / Chiat/ Day Los Angeles to bring the “Sweat It To Get It” initiative to college campuses. If you want a Gatorade you’re going to have to work for it! Watch here

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Samsung’s New Galaxy S6 Edge+ has landed in Australia, and we have found a review that goes through all of the features in detail.

Samsung has launched the Galaxy S6 Edge+ to the Australian market, and is already impressing reviewers with its super resolution QHD screen, 16-megapixel camera and super powerful processor. However the one design element that is really getting people talking about, and not always in a positive light, is the curved edges with Samsung’s bespoke software called Apps Edge and People Edge. Read more

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When is the most appropriate age to give your child a mobile phone?

Recent research indicates that many Teens and millennials get hooked up with plenty of devices before they even hit those years. A recent poll found that the 8 to 11 age range was the most common for the majority of electronic devices. More than four in 10 adults (42%) do not pay close attention to their children’s phone bills and just 25% cap their contracts. Read more