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New ‘Local Market’ Facebook product spotted during testing

Facebook users have spotted a potential new feature being tested, when ‘Local Market’ was said to have appeared briefly in the Facebook iPhone app. The feature, which is being tested by Facebook in Auckland, New Zealand, Melbourne and Sydney, is a more structured market place system which pulls in items being sought or sold currently within Facebook sale groups.
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Machine Intelligence Responds to Emails For You

In a complicated world of voice commands and intuitive technology all around us, Smart Reply is now bringing automatic email replies to a whole new level. Using a deep neural network with machine learnings, Smart Reply has created its very own response generation system. It determines if an email is answerable with a short reply and composes a few suitable responses that users can edit and send with a tap.
We’re all too familiar with OOO emails but this is the next level. This new piece of tech could make reading your emails a thing of the past!
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Halloween may be over, but you can still conjure up the most popular costumes of 2015! Take a look.

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L’Oreal wants to Lead Mobile Innovation in the Beauty Sector

L’Oréal is looking to establish a community of entrepreneur women and partner with them to create inventive experience on mobile to further its brand in the space. While beauty brands are leaning more towards mobile to connect with consumers, L’Oreal is looking to be a front-runner in leveraging the technology.
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