Everything you need to know about what went down in media this week – and what a big integrated week it’s been. Check out how brands are now integrating into the news feeds of Australian Instagrammers, how a Swedish company have created buttons that integrate with your apps so you can control them at the touch of a, well, button. Plus see how Samsung integrated technology into a fridge so that it could, literally, sell itself and how Grolsch have integrated Bluetooth tech so that bottles of beer can give you free movie offers. And if that wasn’t enough you can now talk to your #FutureSelf … no, really. Stay integrated people.

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Instagram Launches Ads on Australian Feeds

Several brands have been confirmed as the launch advertisers on Instagram in Australia. The new ad units that went live on Wednesday look almost identical to organic posts, with the addition of the “sponsored” tag on the top right corner. Advertisers will be able to target users based on age and gender. Read more.

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Control your phone with the Flic of a button

Swedish-based company Shortcut Labs have created an array of buttons the size of twenty cent pieces which link up to applications on your smartphone or tablet such as playing a Spotify playlist or alerting family members of your location. The button provides an alternative to taking out phones to navigate everyday tasks with the touch of a finger. Read more.

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If you’ve ever wondered about the future, then you’ll love this from Orange!

It’s called #FutureSelf and the campaign site uses some pretty cool tech to allow users to meet, speak and discuss the future 20 years from now! Read more.

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Samsung reveals talking fridge in Singapore

Launching the new fridge, Samsung used technology to enable the fridge to sell itself without any staff. Read more.

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Who says that the odd beer or 2 doesn’t reward…

Grolsch Beer have launched a campaign whereby consumers are able to ‘tap’ their bottle lid against their mobile device to receive a free movie offer. The bottle cap utilises a “Bluetooth beacon” with a unique serial number which is sent to a server when the bottle is opened. This campaign offers an insight into the effectiveness of consumer real-world brand engagement via mobile technologies. Read more.