Everything you need to know about what went down in media this week, which was all about making things. Facebook now enables you to make personalised thank you videos, Ford made print ads make sense with mobile phones, VB have made a watch that gives you real-time cricket scores (its important!), John Lewis have made a Google Cardboard app that brings Monty’s Christmas to life, and now using Criteo’s advanced cross-devise advertising solution you can make more of a brand’s connections across screens (see what we did there?). Plus on the PHDcast hear what we make of Qantas’ big new ad and the Taylor Swift vs Spotify debate. Make the most of the weekend everyone (we’ll stop now) … catcha next week.

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Facebook Say Thanks

Facebook’s new ‘Say Thanks’ feature allows users to send personal videos to their friends. Once you choose a friend, you have the ability to edit photos and posts that best represent your friendship. Facebook then automatically generates a video with a personalised message. Read more.

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Cross-Device Advertising Becoming an Essential for Advertisers

Ad tech company Criteo’s cross-device advertising solution is now available in Australia. This new technology will allow advertisers to engage consumers with personalised ads across any screen and device they use through advanced tracking technology. Reaching consumers across screens is essential with almost 60% of U.S. consumers reporting multi-device use, and more than a third owning one of each mobile device of laptop, smartphone and tablet. Read more.

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Mobile ads get smarter, while print ads try to keep up

A neat example of how mobile brings print ads to life without an app. Ford Explorer, created a series of 3 interactive print ads that expand the story and bring visual demonstrations of key vehicle features to life once you place your phone, perfectly in the print ad scene. Read more.

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VB launches “smart watch” for cricket season – is this just tech for tech’s sake?

Victoria Bitter beer have launched a “smart watch” that keeps fans informed of real-time cricket scores. Read more.

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Monty’s Goggles not Beer Goggles enhancing your reality this Christmas

John Lewis has joined forces with Samsung to bring their Monty the Penguin Christmas advertisement to life with the Google Cardboard App – Monty’s Goggles. Using Google’s make shift virtual reality goggles and Samsung smartphones, consumers will be able to explore “Monty’s Christmas”, an interactive story narrated by Dermot O’Leary, in a 360-degree panoramic world when they visit John Lewis stores in the UK. Read more.