Everything you need to know about what’s gone down in media, which this week saw media really helping out! Twitter now helps you out by bringing you up to speed of what you missed while you were away from the Twittersphere, whilst Gillette is helping guys on Tinder with some research into how a clean shave makes more girls swipe right. In the meantime Adidas is helping to tackle haters with its new campaign, and Microsoft is helping the future nudge that one step closer with the launch of its HoloLens 3D interface. Enjoy the download, and Happy Australia Day media land … catcha next week.

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Since You’ve Been Gone: Twitter Mobile App Introduces RECAP

Twitter rolls out a new ‘while you were away’ feature in its mobile app. Allowing people to recap on what’s happened since they last visited. Read more.

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Display Advertising Overlooked

It has been suggested that display advertising needs to be thought of more like traditional offline media, where if someone hasn’t clicked on the ad, it still leaves an impression – much like with TV ads or OOH. The CEO of agency Datalicious says that there is an imbalance in how brands allocate media spend because of inaccurate measurement. As many companies look at the last click attribution model to see the last media channel a consumer visits before purchasing something, the wrong channels get all the credit. Most often search is the last clicked on media channel before purchase only because someone is searching the product after seeing an online ad previously. Read more.

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There will ALWAYS be haters, and Adidas is taking them head on

It’s the passion and reaction the great players get whenever they turn it on – whenever they use their skills to crush dreams, finish games and embarrass their opposition.
The best embrace the hate, they thrive on it, turn it around and feed on it. Adidas takes a unique twist on the haters in their new TVC. Watch here.

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Microsoft unveils holographic goggles and future of user interfaces

Minority Report like interfaces have never been closer as Microsoft HoloLens brings 3D interface to work. Watch here.

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Tinder and Gillette partner using Native Advertising to help increase Guys chances of Girls ‘swiping right’.

The idea that sex sells is as old as advertising itself, but Gillete is updating the concept for the Tinder generation, courtesy of big data analytics. Gillete has partnered with the popular dating app to carry out research into whether untidy facial hair is less desirable to would-be daters than a clean-shaven face. According to the research, 74% of positive swipes on Tinder went to neatly groomed date seekers. Clean-shaven individuals, received an average of 37% more matches than their bushier more hipster type counterparts. The research was conducted using data from 100,000 anonymos 18-24 year old Male Tinder profiles. To find out more watch the Video or visit Shavetest.com – Tinder and Gillette-highlighting that the Hipster trend may indeed have hit ‘peak beard.’ Watch here.