Everything you need to know about what went down in media this week, in which it was wins all around. Wins for the web’s shift to HTML5 as YouTube announces a move away from Flash as its default player, wins for those of us interested in App stats (and who isn’t?) as App Annie release their retrospective analysis of 2014, wins for anyone who wants to know the true reach of their online videos thanks to the launch of True Reach … and wins for everyone as Nikon feature two of the coolest dads in the world in their latest campaign. It’s been a winning week people … keep it up out there … till next week …

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Find the True Reach of Video Campaigns

Most people think you can see how many views a video has gotten by looking at it on YouTube, except there are many more video sites around than YouTube. Visible Measures has just launched a new site called True Reach that brings data together from across the web. The site will show not only the total number of views, but also the number of sites to better indicate the success of an entire video campaign rather than an individual video. Read more

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The two coolest dads in America

Kordale and Kaleb are two dads that take fantastic photos of their 3 kids, and now star in Nikons latest campaign, the Nikon Generation. Watch here.

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Major win for the web’s shift to HTML5 as YouTube moves away from Adobe Flash as default video player

YouTube has announced that it will now use HTML5 as default player due to reduced buffering and higher quality video delivery with less bandwidth usage. Read more.

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Top 9 App Trends for 2014 from App Annie

App Annie, the market leader in mobile analytics have released their annual report which features the top trends of 2014 for the Mobile App Ecosystem. Some of the insights which are featured include Top Countries for App Revenue and Downloads for iOS and Google Play, most popular overall categories for iOS and Google Play worldwide and the difference in Marketshare for App revenue and downloads for iOS vs Google Play. The Annual Report is available for Free to download via the Link. Read more.