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Nine tweets that made #NationalUnderwearDay weirder

Did you not celebrate? Brands like Calvin Klein and Spanx also didn’t but luckily for us Justin Bieber’s package gets re-aired virtually by Vevo and two Postmaan Pats encourage you to keep it clean… Read more

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McDonald’s to Cook Up a New Digital App

Fast food chain McDonald’s have realised the importance of a great app to their brand, announcing there is a new and improved app coming at ADMA’s Global Forum. The new app will contain options such as ordering, delivering, payment mechanisms and café cards. Technology has been one of the biggest factors for the fast food chain in attempting to combat uninterested millennials, and while the physical store remains paramount to the business, McDonald’s is ramping up its digital tactics. These tactics are McDonald’s way of ensuring they stay in touch with oncoming generations. Read more

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La Bamba

The Google Translate team are testing the new ‘sign reading’ feature on Google Translate. It shows just how quickly the app translates La Bamba into 27 languages simply by having the camera pointed at printed text. Check it out! Watch here

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G is for Google with the Announcement of Alphabet

On Monday it was announced that Alphabet would become the holding company, with Google the largest firm sitting underneath it. Alphabet will be run by Larry Page, Sergey Brin and CFO Ruth Porat. Alphabet’s new Google subsidiary, including the search business, YouTube and the Android and Chrome operating systems, will be led by Sundar Pichai. This change makes room for the new ventures such as Google Glass, smart home appliances, drone delivery and self-driving cars to be developed without harming the main Google business. Read more

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A new and unique way for Moviegoers to interact with the big screen, taking their whole experience to a new level.

Cinime is an exciting new app providing moviegoers further engagement before and after their movie showing, turning that 30 second engagement on the big screen into a potential 3 month relationship. Cinime connects to the cinema screen and gives the moviegoer access to exclusive movie content, trailer ads, competitions and games. Read more