Since 2010, Google has experimented with the search result’s right-hand column. Lately we have sometimes been able to encounter the results where the right column is not included. On Friday, Google confirmed that this will be permanent.

I was also announced that Google now increases the number of ads above the organic search results for “the most commercial searches.” Google’s own example: Hotels in New York or Car Insurance.

There are two exceptions to the new system:

  • Google Shopping Campaigns

Shopping campaigns, that we have seen both above and to the right of the search results, will still be visible as before.

  • Ads on the Google infobox (beta)

Google is currently beta-testing an ad format that will appear in the infobox on the right-hand side. The implementation will proceed, as it looks right now.

How does this affect your advertising?

Although the thoughts quickly go to the fact that the same number of advertisers now will compete for four positions instead of ten, Google Sweden claiming that they do not expect any major changes.

For our part, the near future will involve monitoring the impact and strengthen your bid strategies to adapt to the new conditions. A previous search strategy to be at position 2-3, may now need to be edited to position 3-4. At the same time, we need to take a proper examination of the keywords that had positioned Strategy 5-7 to see if we are still going to buy these words on higher positions. It may in some cases involve priorities in favor of getting more premium positions and impression share on tactically important keywords.

These adjustments and optimizations are highly customized and cannot and should not be drawn specified on a general level. We will reconnect with each of our customers to take a closer look at how this affects their particular accounts and how we approach arising challenges.