PHD Worldwide will be joining the speaker line-up at this year’s Lions Innovation festival hosting a panel debate entitled “Will a robot win a Lion?”

This provocative subject, which garners strong opinion from industry leaders, will be debated by a multi-discipline agency panel with Kevin Kelly, author and leading tech commentator who is speaking with PHD earlier the same day at the Cannes Lions festival, Conor Brady, chief creative director at Critical Mass, Mike Yapp, founder and director of The ZOO at Google and Mark Holden, PHD’s worldwide planning and strategy director.

The panel will discuss whether there is a genuine risk of machines being our creative competitors in the future and the impact AI could have across the industry; how far its influence may be felt and how quickly (or slowly) things may change.

In its second year, Lions Innovation is a stand alone two day festival which takes place during Cannes Lions on a separate stage.  Lions Innovation is an exploration of data and tech as catalysts for creativity.

“Will a robot win a Lion?” takes place at 3.30pm on Wednesday 22nd June on the Discovery stage.  “Predestination – Where we are all heading” takes place at 1pm the same day on the Lumiere Theatre at Cannes Lions.

Don’t forget to download the official Cannes Lions app to see exclusive content from Kevin Kelly as he talks about the 12 inevitable tech forces that he predicts will change the future within PHD’s Predestination section of the app.