Mike Cooper, CEO of PHD Worldwide, recently sat down with exchange4media in India to discuss PHD Worldwide’s fantastic 2014, the success and future of PHD India, PHD’s position as a challenger brand and why you don’t want to be a victim of challenger brands.

“Being a challenger brand is a very interesting place to be. I mean we love challenger brands. We love the underdog. It forces you to be more innovative, creative and faster. When you are a challenger brand, there is no point in doing the same thing as everybody else. Because you are going to be a smaller version of everybody else. You have to think more creatively. And do things in a more interesting, engaging kind of way. Frankly, being a challenger brand, you just have a lot more fun, it’s a more interesting place go be,” says Mike.  “You don’t want to be a victim of challenger brands. Because all that means is that you are going to be losing marketshare”. 

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