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Today, technology is an inseparable
part of our lives. One in five Americans
is never offline. Billions more keep their smartphones glued to their sides, 24 hours a day.

But, as both hardware and software become smarter, we will start to move beyond screens. A new paradigm will emerge, which will see our relationship with technology change forever. Virtual assistants will autonomously organise our lives, bots will run businesses and our brains will become super-charged via a connection to the cloud.

We will, both virtually and biologically, Merge together.

PHD's latest thought-leadership "Merge" explores a future in which humanity and technology become inextricably linked. Merge addresses the urgent implications for marketing and reveals exciting opportunities for brands.

About Merge


Come the merge, will your
head be plugged into The Cloud,
or buried in the sand?

The next three decades will be the most technologically disruptive era in human history. Advances in artificial intelligence, combined with radical breakthroughs in hardware, will usher in an era that sounds like science fiction today. Devices will fade away, virtual environments will emerge and super-smart AI assistants will organize our lives and run our businesses. In this new world, our relationship with technology will change forever. We will, both virtually and biologically, Merge together.

Based on exclusive interviews with inspirational business leaders, world renowned academics and pioneering researchers, Merge investigates the five stages of this extraordinary journey. It explores the urgent implications for marketing and reveals exciting new opportunities for brands. Crucially, it identifies what needs to be done today in order to prepare for tomorrow – a future in which humanity and technology become inextricably linked.



19 June | 11am | Lions Innovation

Merge | Is the future “robot shaped”? Will 2017 finally be the year of the robot? What opportunities do robotics […]

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21 June | 5pm | Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, France

Merge | The closing gap between technology and us Ray Kurzweil, inventor, author and futurist joins PHD to explore our […]

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22 August | PHD Taiwan

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Merge -

The Interviews


PHD presents 'Merge | The closing gap between technology and us'

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