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Finding a better way

Tere tulemast meediaagentuuri CMSPHD! Oleme pühendunud tulemuste toomisele ja võtame kõikides meediategevustes eesmärgiks kliendi ootuste ületamise. Meil on kõige õnnelikumad kliendid!

Image: CMSPHD tiim 2019

Aasta Turundustegu 2018 Leiburi Kirde saia re-lansseerimine

“After a stellar 2015, our reigning Media Network of the Year did more than maintain its momentum in terms of new business and standout work. If anything, PHD went up another gear.”
– Campaign

Image: Leibur AS, Aasta Turundustegu 2018 Kirde saia re-lansseerimine

Game changing media planning

Our global planning and collaboration platform SOURCE combines playful gamification techniques with hard-core strategic principles to deliver innovation. It's not just a work tool, it's our business ecosystem.

Industry leading insights

Future proofing our clients’ businesses through unparalleled insight into the challenges brands face.

  • Jason Silva & PHD
  • Cannes Lions Festival