Gemma Spence, Chief Commerce Officer, PHD Global Business

Gemma Spence, Chief Commerce Officer, PHD Global Business is one of four shortlisted media leaders in line for Mediatel News’ Future Media Leader of the Year. The title is part of Mediatel’s newly launched The Media Leaders Awards, which recognises the very best leaders in the industry. Launched in a year that, perhaps more than any other year, has called for strong leadership to navigate businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic, take action on key issues such as diversity and inclusivity, and make sure they represent the very best in media class.

Spence is a global eCommerce leader with a track record of executing winning multi-market share and sales strategies and exceeding business goals across the FMCG, consumer electronics and automotive industries.

Over her 10-year career, Spence has lived and breathed every part of eCommerce including owning eCommerce operations and pricing in Poland, setting up a centralised warehouse in Amsterdam and managed the entire multimillion-euro eCommerce operation for Philips Electronics across both DTC and retailer channels.

Through her work with key publications, Spence has become a thought leader within the eCommerce industry. She has been providing free-to-all advisory on how businesses and brands can stand out on the digital shelves during the pandemic and how brands can hack Amazon to keep online channels operating during periods of lockdown.

The Media Leader Awards take place on Thursday 14 January 2021.