Prior to his talk at the Dubai Lynx 2016, PHD’s associate director of social media Samer Chehab spoke to B-Change, a blog created by storytellers and wordsmiths that is dedicated to effecting change through conversations. In his interview, Chehab talked about the subject of his Lynx 2016 presentation – Arab millennials and how to produce content that engages them – as well as shared key learnings from his experience in the industry.

“If an idea resonates with a human truth or an unspoken insight, then it’s a real winner,” said Chehab, when asked how to spot a brilliant idea. “These are the ones that cause creative disruption in our industry and allow a brand to truly achieve something big. For me, I look at what the idea is based on and how sound the underlying intuition is before beginning to assess whether it’s a good one or not.”

Lastly, Chehab summarized his upcoming talk at the Dubai Lynx with: “Arab millennials are cynical and desensitized. They also don’t really care about your brand on social media. My session will equip you with five ways to win back the attention of this huge audience and engage them in this new age.”

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