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Beer Bottle Sand

19 February 2016

Beer Bottle Sand

DB Export, New Zealand

To address the decline in mainstream beer consumption in New Zealand, we gave Kiwi men a reason to drink more beer: Drink DB Export. Save the entire world.

The world is running out of sand. With construction companies unable to use desert sand and therefore turning to beach sand, the demand for beach sand is soaring, resulting in two-thirds of the world’s beaches retreating. In response, we built machines that could turn empty beer bottles into a sand substitute and asked our audience of beer-drinking Kiwi men to simply drink more bottles of DB Export. When emptied, each bottle gives back 200 grams of sand substitute, keeping glass out of landfills and putting sand back on beaches.

Our campaign ran in almost every conceivable consumer touchpoint – TV, digital, social, outdoor, point of sale, promotional activations and PR. We even created an entirely new media channel targeting consumers while they shopped in the biggest hardware chain in the country. Our fully branded ‘eco-concrete’, made using DB Export Beer Bottle Sand, sold nationwide and came with a voucher for $4 off our product.

We seeded the initiative via a branded case study film – reaching 53 million views globally – and via the creation of a physical presence for the brand through a partnership with Mitre 10, NZ’s largest DIY retailer, resulting in Beer Bottle Sand being stocked in 45 outlets nationwide. We negotiated a building challenge using Beer Bottle Sand on popular NZ renovation show ‘The Block’, and used building wraps of construction sites to communicate that they were using our sand in construction.

Throughout the campaign, we achieved 204 million impressions and reached 97% of our target market. In a category declining at a rate of 6%, DB Export drinkers emptied 13 million bottles – helping DB Export become the only mainstream beer to grow in value and volume. Beer Bottle Sand was supplied to construction companies, roading projects, golf courses and drainage companies around the country. A two-year deal to supply Beer Bottle Sand to Drymix (New Zealand’s largest concrete producer) has seen us create our own brand of eco-concrete, sold to consumers through the country’s biggest home improvement chain. Requests for machines have come from as far away as Dubai, with scoping to supply 500 machines currently underway.