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Euphoria Marketing

24 May 2018

Euphoria Marketing

Sport Chek, Touche!PHD Canada

Sport Chek is the leading retailer of licenced merchandising in Canada. But with only a tiny budget to support licenced products during playoff season, the media strategy needed to be laser focused on the right time and place.

The challenge became: how do you architect the media presence if you don’t know which team will win? Therefore, how to plan media depending on the outcome of a game in real-time?

The solution: Euphoria Marketing. By acknowledging that licenced merchandise is 100% an emotional purchase, we studied the emotional curve vs the sales curve and discovered that they were identical. Armed with this knowledge, we created a campaign based on real-time triggers to deliver offers tailored to the winning team out of Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa or Toronto during the NHL.

During play-offs, social and display banners were triggered within seconds of a team’s victory whilst at the same time search campaigns with tailored ad texts were also triggered following victories. A second screen campaign also ran with adapted display and social ads as well as TV spots during matches with offers only valid for the duration of the game. A total of 40+ creatives were produced in advance and pushed appropriately depending on the matches’ outcome.

We saw an astounding 200% lift in team sports gear YOY, over 39,000,000 impressions and 15,000 social engagements generated.