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Le Lait – Y as-tu du lait icitte

23 May 2018

Le Lait – Y as-tu du lait icitte

The Quebec Milk Association , Touché!PHD Canada

We united 5 competitive milk brands during the Holidays by leveraging the most powerful and underused advertising medium; the milk carton.

The Quebec Milk Association represents over 5,000 dairy farms and over 125 different milk products. The association’s mandate is to increase milk consumption in Quebec whilst remaining 100% neutral and never favouring a brand.

We knew we couldn’t repackage the milk cartoon, so our strategy was to create a free mobile, augmented reality app which would recognise any of the 125 milk cartons on sale, regardless of its brand, size or design and deliver a standardised customer experience.

Leveraging “face recognition” technology, the app brought milk cartons to life by adding facial features and singing Christmas carols, which children and parents could sing together at home.

We launched tutorials to show Quebecers what they could do within the app, then we made it easy for consumers to share the singing carton choruses they created. We then used Facebook to promote the app and encouraged consumers to share the content they created.  In Quebec, Facebook feeds became invaded with carol-signing milk cartons!

The campaign was also supported offline with giant milk cartons strategically located in key transit locations with internet access and printed ads which engaged readers.

The app made the top 4 entertainment apps within Quebec with over 1,300,000 songs sung. The campaign made Quebec the only province in Canada where milk consumption increased in December and after more than 20 years, all competitive members of the Quebec Milk Producers Association finally came together for the Holidays.