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What a Coinci-Dance

22 June 2018

What a Coinci-Dance

Skoda, PHD Taiwan

2 years after SKODA launched in Taiwan, only 15% of locals recognised the European automotive brand.

We changed this by turning a dance move into a dance craze, successfully getting a nation on its feet, and cementing the SKODA brand in the hearts and minds of locals.

We spotted, by coincidence, that Skoda’s ‘Simply Clever’ tagline sounded similar to the Taiwanese word for ‘Just Dance’, so we enlisted ‘Handsome Dancer’, a comedy team whose contagious shoulder-shaking dance video had made them a YouTube hit and created our own version of CoinciDance.

We shot our own version with new lyrics, featuring SKODA’s driving through Taiwan’s most recognisable and iconic spots.

Before releasing the music video, we built momentum by filming influencers re-enacting the dance, with a surprise appearance from Handsome Dancers, and organising a flash mob event in Taipei which ignited the craze.

Only then did we release our branded video across social and online, followed by a shoulder shaking dance tutorial and a behind the scenes video to keep driving momentum.

SKODA’s CoinciDance campaign was seen by 60% of the Taiwanese population leading to a four-fold leap in the sales of the Skoda Rapid model that it featured, a new sales record in Taiwan.