Lauren Ogúndèkó, Head of Response and Board Director, PHD UK

Mediatel revealed the judging line up for its inaugural Media Leaders Awards, with Lauren Ogúndèkó, Head of Response and Board Director, PHD UK, and member of MEFA (Media For All) announced as one of the jury members.

Mediatel Group’s CEO Greg Grimmer commented on Ogúndèkó’s appointment alongside her fellow industry experts: “For our inaugural Media Leaders awards we were determined to have a caucus of judges who both know the industry inside out and also have the credibility to make judgment on the very best leaders in our industry. The group we have assembled I think will fulfil this task admirably.”

The Awards feature seven categories overall, with a Media Leader of the Year title awarded in four distinct categories: Media Agency, Media Owner, Advertiser and Tech.

Two Grand Prix prizes will be awarded for Media CEO of the Year and International Media Leader of the Year, while a third will be awarded to the Future Media Leader of the Year – a rising star from any part of the media industry.

Finally, the Judges’ Special Choice Award – a non-entering category – will be awarded to one person who has inspired the leaders in our industry and who deserves recognition for the work they do to influence and champion better business practice.

The Media Leaders Awards ceremony will take place virtually on Thursday 7 January 2021.