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Culture eats strategy for breakfast

Culture counts. We believe a positive and nurturing culture creates business momentum and that the agency with the strongest culture delivers the most innovative media product.

Career Opportunities

We believe that the most important career decision people can make is the culture they choose to grow in. PHD substantially invests in its people and culture to generate an energetic and collaborative working environment that inspires and puts career progression at the core of our People agenda.

What type of challenger am I?

Question 1 of 8

On the scale below...

Are you happiest when on a mission to put something right, or do you prefer to create a vision for a new space to live in altogether?

Put it right New space

What type of challenger am I?

Question 2 of 8

On the scale below...

Do you like to follow trends or swim against the current?

With it Against it

What type of challenger am I?

Question 3 of 8

On the scale below...

What’s more important? Making the best product, or make it available to more people?

Best For more

What type of challenger am I?

Question 4 of 8

On the scale below...

Are you more comfortable in pursuing a higher purpose or are you happiest championing the current needs of the consumer?

Purpose Champion

What type of challenger am I?

Question 5 of 8

On the scale below...

Do you like to be liked, or do you prefer rocking the boat?

Smooth the waters Rock the boat

What type of challenger am I?

Question 6 of 8

On the scale below...

When innovating, do you push your product development department or do you see your people as your real strength?

Products People

What type of challenger am I?

Question 7 of 8

On the scale below...

How do you win a fight? Do you like taking the competition head on, or do you prefer more of a flanking attack?

Head on From the side

What type of challenger am I?

Question 8 of 8

On the scale below...

Would you prefer to shake up the world you are in, or work for a bigger and better future?

Here and Now New dawn

Make the Leap in your career with PHD, one of Australia’s most innovative companies.

From its very inception, PHD has stood for something different in the media agency landscape. This has nurtured a culture in which every single PHDer is asked to constantly challenge the status quo and deliver solutions which go beyond the obvious.

Why PHD?

Ranked #1 most desirable agency to work for in Australia and #1 Best Culture (Media I 2020)
Access our Award-Winning Training Program (Australian Business Awards, 2020)
Flexible working policy, allowing you to be your most productive self by developing a personalised flexibility plan
Continuous feedback culture & active support with your career development
Great agency culture where Diversity & Inclusion are a core focus

Our values

Our values sit at the heart of what we do and are key to how we work.

Finding people who live and breathe our values is one of our central quests, making us a diverse mix of the most curious, courageous and open people from around the world.

Our Values #1


Courage is the power to let go of the familiar. We like to challenge convention and try new things. Only then do we know we have given it our best shot. Permission to fail is part of our culture, in the spirit of Finding a Better Way.

Our Values #2


We are inquisitive by nature. We like to question, explore and learn. We love uncharted territory. It makes for more interesting conversations. We think curiosity is infectious and gets to more powerful human truths and insights, and ultimately, better work.

Our Values #3


Collaboration is knowing that the strength of a team is in each individual and the strength of each individual is in the team. When we all move to work together, success takes care of itself.

Our Values #4


Creativity is letting go of certainties and seeing the familiar in a new light. It's about breaking habits and rules and sparking ideas that can ignite and set the world alight.

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Reconciliation, Inclusion and Giving Back

Our Reconciliation Journey

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land where we live and work and are committed to diversity and inclusion.

In 2018, we were excited to continue on our Reconciliation journey by progressing to the Innovate stage in our RAP as endorsed by Reconciliation Australia.

Big Hug

Our charity initiative reflects the agency’s belief that generosity, community spirit and offering to help without being asked are essential characteristics. Every year our offices around the world launch Big Hug initiatives to help a diverse range of charities.

In Australia, our charity partners are the Tranby Indigenous Adult Learning Centre and the Ardoch Foundation. We support these amazing charities through volunteering, fundraising and pro-bono work.

Mental Health & Wellbeing at PHD

At PHD, the health and wellbeing of our people is our number one priority. Our aim is to open up conversations around mental health to help each other to be mentally healthy. PHD believes that the mental health and wellbeing of our staff is key to organisational success and sustainability. 17 inspirational and courageous PHDer’s shared their stories to let others know that it’s ok to not be ok and to open up an honest industry conversation on the topic of Mental Health.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Heart on my Sleeve e-book.

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