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The Power of Colors

19 July 2016

The Power of Colors

Sico, PHD Montreal

What we did

When people walk in a store with a paint swatch, it is difficult to make them switch to another paint brand. They don’t think the color will be exactly the same if they go for another paint brand. In order to increase purchase consideration of Sico paint in Quebec, we then decided to put our colors swatch directly into our consumers’ hands in an unexpected way. We inserted Sico paint swatches as vertical belly bands on the front page of home décor magazines and created a spectacular light projection in a park, downtown Montreal.
What they did

Consumers were invited to choose their Sico colour paint swatch and scan it. It ignited the projection of their favourite color all over the park. This complex LED light display immersed consumers in a magical environment, customized to each consumers’ color preference. A 60-second video of this immersive experience was broadcasted on the web to over 2 million Quebecers, a third of the province active population.

What it achieved

And the magic worked, going beyond our expectations. Consumers considering buying the brand rose 19% in Quebec, which was twice the initial goal. Consequently, Sico’s retail sales increased 7.4% during this period, quite a feat for a mature product.

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