Strong performances from PHD agencies drove the network to the No. 1 spot in the recent WARC Rankings report for the world’s best automotive agency networks. PHD offices in London (ranked No. 2), Taipei, Dusseldorf, Beijing and Touché!PHD (Toronto) all contributed points to its total through work in the automotive category.

Ranking No. 2 in the Media 100 is ‘Rammed with Confidence’ (Volkswagen) for PHD London; at No. 4 is ŠKODA x Handsome Dancer ‘CoinciDance’ (ŠKODA) for PHD Taipei; with ‘A Sedan Re-Imagined’ (Audi) for Touché!PHD and ‘Cayman vs. Drones’ (Porsche) for PHD Dusseldorf ranking No. 6 and No. 9 respectively.

WARC Rankings tracks the winners’ lists from all the most important creative, effectiveness and media award contests, everywhere in the world. The results of each ranking have been combined in their report to produce a ‘Best of the Best’ ranking for agencies and brands, to showcase the best all-round performances in award shows in 2018 for each product category.