Google unveils digital subscription plans to help publishers

Google has unveiled a number of ways it is evolving its digital products and is working with publishers to make improvements on subscriptions, helping publishers make more money through subscriptions platforms.

PHD wins $30m CUB media account in global review

PHD has won the media account of Carlton United Breweries in a global media pitch, ending a 17-year partnership with MediaCom. In this market, there were four media agencies in the running for the account in the final stages, including PHD, Starcom, Vizeum and MediaCom. The Australian arm of global brewer AB InBev includes media planning and buying work of iconic brands, such as Carlton Draught, Victoria Bitter, Cascade, Pure Blonde, Yak ales as well local distribution rights for Stella Artois, Peroni and Irish ciders Magners and Bulmers, among others.

Is it a Facebook ad or an Instagram story? Maybe both

One of the big pushes by Facebook is ramping up the advertising options on Instagram. The platform is rolling out the option to allow marketers to turn their Instagram stories into Facebook ads and vice versa. This gives marketers a raft of creative tools like stickers, drawing options and filters to help create posts that may disguise better as organic content in user’s feeds as they’ll look less,
well ad-like.

World View successfully launches its first stratollite from its Tucson HQ

World View is trying to carve out novel territory in commercial space business, by launching super high altitude balloon craft, which can operate at the upper edge of Earth’s atmosphere for scientific, observational and other purposes, while keeping costs well below those of low-Earth orbit satellites. World View’s stratosphere altitude could help with long-term site observation, weather monitoring, and even defense applications.