In this week’s “Our Eye on AI”; Google has been safe guarding for the future, the iPhone uses AI to take better pictures, can AI and machine learning help marketers turn big data into fuel our tools can use to accomplish business objectives, DeepMind is cutting energy bills and how the rise of AI will transform businesses in Australia.

  • Google has been looking into five ways your future robot might go awry to ensure its AI system don’t go off the rail in the future.  The paper looks at five ways a household cleaning robot could encounter safety problems and then details some math to avoid them.  Link.
  • Huffpost Tech reports that Microsoft’s new iPhone camera app uses AI to take the best possible picture.  The app will intelligently analyse the scene it sees and make all adjustments needed before you press the shutter button.  Link.
  • Inside Big Data has published a guest feature by Ross Andrew, CEO and chairman of Maropost, who suggests that by embracing AI and machine learning, marketers can turn big data into food that their tools use to accomplish business objectives.  Link.
  • Google’s DeepMind has reportedly cut the cooling bill of a Google date center by 40%.  Whilst the variables are still being investigated, the results were “immediately validating” with overall energy use for cooling dropping 40% and staying there.  Link.
  • “How artificial intelligence will transform your business” writes Business Insider Australia predicting that the rise of automation and AI systems will power the next great business push.  Link.

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