A panel comprising several popular social media personalities looked at the relationship between influencers, retailers and brands, focusing on working with talent at scale.

Off the back of two sold-out collections with fitness brand Bandier, Arielle Charnas of Something Navy is about to launch her own fully branded product line in collaboration with Nordstrum. “I was really excited, it just made so much sense to test out the waters with one of the best retailers in the world.”

Charnas said that, in order to put together the collection, she looked at what was available in the market and collected data through Instagram.

Nicolette Mason of Premme.US has been blogging since “before being an influencer was a thing” – she talked about how, by working with brands, she sees partners as stronger than competitors through the power of collaboration. She views her two month old clothing range as speaking to plus sized women who feel disenfranchised with fashion, creating very personal connection

Clique Media senior vice president of marketing Courtney Wartman discussed how data has allowed brands to identify exactly when an item will “start to pop”. “We have a platform, we’ve grown our following over the years, that’s the best way to get something out there,” she added, discussing how it is important to continuously try to improve user experience.

Mason said she is driven less by social strategy than product, creating a buzz and developing trust in the brands, resulting in people “voting with their wallets”. Looking at digital shopping, Charnas added that she feels online purchasing is much easier than in-store.

“It’s so important to have a clear and concise brand identity and point of view,” Wartman said. “You always have to be consistent and have a clear message.”

On the subject of sponsored posts, Charnas said that too many can scare people away even though they are genuine, as she normally trials products several weeks in advance to work out benefits for followers. Wartman added that an influencer will never promote something they don’t believe in.

Mason said that declining brand partnerships is definitely something that comes with privilege which some micro influencers might not possess, affecting authenticity. Wartman added that she always advises brands to work with influencers that play to their genuine passion points.

“Building a brand is a dream come true,” Mason concluded.