Last year, PHD UAE adopted a novel approach to spread Lurpak’s Ramadan message. Using a blend of smart programmatic targeting capabilities, opt-in TrueView video ads and the premium Google Preferred format, the media network was able to cut through the clutter of the busy period and deliver strong viewership for the brand’s tutorial videos. Its centralised approach allowed PHD to set one frequency cap across three video buys. Its cost-per-reach outperformed pre-rolls by 27% and TrueView ads by 46%. Furthermore, the campaign created a 19% uplift in ad recall, as well as a 135% brand uplift amongst males, proving the campaign’s performance in building brand association with its overall target audience of cooking enthusiasts. The operation also shed light on the ideal frequency to drive recall for the brand, a key step towards creating a greater impact and increasing sales. The campaign is now being presented as a best practice by Google, featuring as a case study on its international Think With Google platform.

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