Champions League is one of Denmark’s most expensive and prestigious TV agreements. However, the commercial value for the TV-stations first explodes when Danish teams participate.

FCK is the top scorer in ratings

When we look at the ratings from 2010 until today, the top three is shaped by the national feeling Danes have towards Danish teams participating in Champions League. The most viewed match was the game between FCK – Barcelona in 2010 with 932.000 viewers, while Barcelona – FCK had 826.000 viewers (also in 2010) and FCK – Chelsea had 705.000 viewers in 2011.

Looking at the Danish teams, FCK and FC Nordsjælland, respectively 520.000 people (FCK 2010-11 and 2013) and 314.000 people (FC Nordsjælland 2012) saw the matches where these teams participated in the last five years. Comparing this to the 2015 round, 240.000 people in average saw the knockout games in the spring. Thus, matches where Danish teams are represented gain higher ratings.

In the 2015 competition, the match Real Madrid – Juventus has so far been the most viewed with 389.000 viewers. Nevertheless, 2015 has performed better in terms of viewers per match compared to previous years (excluding the final):

–          2013: 338.000 viewers

–          2014: 231.000 viewers

–          2015: 240.000 viewers

Some may say that the last couple of years have been a little disappointing and miles away from the numbers in 2012 and 2013. This might indicate that the interest in Champions Leagues is diminishing.

Therefore, it is with no doubt MTG TV is crossing their fingers that this years’ winners of the Danish championship FC Midtjylland proceeds its progress and brings a Danish football club back to the group games in Champions League.

Finals are defined by the teams participating

In an international perspective, this year’s biggest match is of course the upcoming finale on Saturday 6 June. Not surprisingly, the number of viewers depends on the teams fighting for trophy. This year, it will be FC Barcelona who attracts the most viewers to the TV-screen, however, it is doubtful that we get the same rating as the ultimate final in 2011.

–          2011: 658.000viewers (Barcelona – Man Utd)

–          2012: 537.000viewers (Bayern – Chelsea)

–          2013: 560.000viewers (Bayern – Dortmund)

–          2014: 404.000 viewers (Real Madrid – Atletico Madrid)

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So how many viewers will then watch the final this year? With the first summer days on its way in Denmark, FC Barcelona and Juventus may fight against barbecues and white wine at the Danish patios. However, we assess that FC Barcelona is such a strong brand that this year’s rating will beat last year’s number of viewers. But what do you say?

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Have a great game day!