We attended the Future Foundation mid-summer trends 2015 day last week. Here’s a few interesting snippets we took away with us.

The Warming Web

Emotions are now re-wiring the internet as we have known it so far. Millions are clicking their active personality (in all its moods and modes) and not just their remote presence into online play. With every passing month, we demand better connection and more meaningful, more bio-responsive networks. No-one wants to be just an email address ora nameless sheep in a swelling e-flock of followers. Look out for Pixar’s new animation Inside Out coming this summer which shows the human mind from the ‘inside out’ going into the head of Riley, where we meet her emotions. Watch the trailer here– people want brands to at least notice their conversations and emotions.

The Self-Ironising Brand 

As natural brand authority has been eroded and the idea of the human brand emerging, companies across all sectors have been shifting their discourse towards more informal, personable and likeable channels. As this notion of the human brand has taken hold, it is not surprising that we have seen companies try and adopt more and more traits that you would expect to find in any well rounded personality. The launch of the Internet Explorer 9 via an ad campaign centred on a young man receiving intensive therapy to prevent him from attacking any computer that has the Microsoft browser – using the hash tag #thebrowseryoulovetohate is a great example of this ‘self-ironisation’. Watch the ad here. Brands simply cannot afford to take themselves as seriously as they did in the past, as we move increasingly from the self-aggrandising brand to the self-deprecating brand.