Anjali Ramachandran, PHD UK’s Head of Innovation looks at what’s been happening this week, in the outside world.

Netflix is moving from original TV series content to original film content. The sequel to the Oscar-winning ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ is going to be released simultaneously on Netflix and in IMAX theatres worldwide next year. This deal is the first of its kind.

Groupon are evolving what they do with the acquisition of SnapSaves. Snap from Groupon will pay you when you buy products from a curated list they send out.

There’s enough bad news out there so it’s heartening to see that brands like Unilever, M&S, Coke, Vice, BT, McDonald’s & more as partners on a new platform called Collectively that is looking to highlight the positive impact of the things we do. The full list of partners includes the Omnicom Group!

Will Marissa Mayer succeed in making Tumblr the next YouTube? Time will tell.