It’s no secret that the media landscape is changing. Rumors of the deaths of both TV and print might be highly exaggerated, but as digital in general (and mobile in particular) grow, traditional media has had to adapt. From our perspective, ROI is the most important factor: what channels are able to deliver given the client’s KPI:s?

In the recent weeks we saw research backing up several media types.

  • A government report stated that longer ad slots in TV did not effect the audience’s ad acceptance.
  • A survey conducted by PostNord showed that 47 % are positive to ads in newspapers, compared to just 9 % for TV and 5 % for mobile.
  • Research showed that mobile advertising increased brand awareness by 54 % and perception by 13 %, and might thus be considered a branding channel.

So what do we make of all this? Are all platforms equally efficient? Of course not, but thinking outside the box and letting old habits die hard might just pay off. After all, marketing in a highly fragmented and ever-changing media landscape is all about doing something different in order to stand out from the clutter.