Heathrow Airport stole the show on Star Wars Day; Uber announces a partnership with NASA; and all the key takeaways from Google I/O 2018 explained…


Google I/O 2018: Key takeaways: It’s not just about Android this time around. Google Maps, Google Assistant and Gmail all have new features you’ll want to know about. Here’s all of the big news explained.

Heathrow Airport alters departure boards to show destinations in a galaxy far, far away…: On May 4th it was Star Wars Day. And in celebration, Heathrow’s departures board featured ten Star Wars destinations, each with its own appropriate flight number.

Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference: At the conference, Facebook announced the creation of its own online dating service. Shares in the dating business Match Group fell by 22% after the announcement.

Find out the most amazing flying car designs featured at Uber’s Elevate Conference: At its Uber Elevate Conference in Los Angeles this week, the company set out a detailed plan to fill the skies with thousands of short-range electric aircraft and announced a partnership with NASA to model an urban air-traffic control system.

How companies are innovating the post purchase experience: A cottage industry is popping up around the post-purchase experience.

Can your Spotify history predict the next financial crisis?: Recently, researchers from Claremont Graduate University have shown that sentiment may be extracted from pop music top-100 lists and music platforms such as Spotify. What’s more, these new sentiment indicators are at least as useful as conventional surveys of consumer confidence.