With Christmas now very much on the horizon, here are some interesting tech / design solutions for making your festive season all the merrier courtesy of guest contributor Katy Garner Foy.

  • Tablets and wearables may be the current gift phenomena but the smart contact lens could well be set to make google glass look like the minidisc player of wearable tech!
  • Know you’ll never wear that dress again after the Xmas party? Chic-by-choice believe that an eco and wallet friendly approach shouldn’t come at the expense of looking your best!
  • Christmas might not seem the obvious time to meet someone new, new casual gaming start-up Faiit might just change that!
  • Sony has been secretly developing a watch that uses e paper to create a changing series of face and strap designs – there’s also an e bow tie if you’re sick of smart watches!
  • Hate waiting in endless queues at this time of year? Sitpack is a handy compact seat you might wish you had while you’re waiting in line for your other stocking fillers!
  • Fancy an alternative to the standard eau de toilette gift box? This romantic perfume pill is aimed at suffers of indigestion and takes scent gifting to a whole new level!


Do you often consider the last gift you got from someone before you buy one back? Favourful is a social exchange app that might be a good way to make use of unwanted gifts in the new year!