This article was first published in the June edition of Media Pulse – Omnicom Media Group’s monthly highlights on relevant media insights, intelligence and trends.  

How do you get 100 million video gamers to think about deodorant (insert “gamer” jokes herehere and here)? Start by infiltrating their turf.

The fresh-smellin’ folks at Old Spice did just that; becoming the first non-game content on The website, home to the largest video community for gamers, hosted three-day-long live-streaming event that mixed odd scenarios, user interaction and brand marketing. It’s basically a real-life version of Twitch Plays Pokemon, where the site’s users control gameplay. The result was something that barely smelled like a commercial for the new Old Spice Fresher Collection and engaged the site’s massive 13-to-34 year old (largely male) demo in a previously unexplored way.

The content is typical of Old Spice’s history of marketing goofiness (“Hello, ladies”).