This article was first published on Campaign Asia-Pacific.

Organised by Campaign Asia-Pacific, the closed-door, invite-only Media360 Summit sees the congregation of around 300 decision-makers comprising brand marketers, consultants and leading global media and agency executives.

To start the first keynote session, moderator Ros Atkins, BBC presenter, asked Mike Cooper, PHD Worldwide CEO, and  Michael Kassan, CEO of Medialink, about the key adaptation they made over the past five years that had been the most effective in dealing with the changes in the industry.

Mike replied saying that it would be much more efficient to talk about what hasn’t changed. Saying that he met with a big global client the other day who said “I can’t think of any other industry that has changed more than yours.”

Michael went on to agree with Mike, saying ” When Mike and I first started, we were convincing people that media agencies need to exist. In a sense were coming all the way back to that.”

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