A lot has changed about Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity this year:

  • The event was reduced to five days with new awards and subcategories introduced
  • Participation for entries was restricted to a maximum of six Lions
  • A revised points system aiming to reward creativity along with larger rewards for winning the Creative Effectiveness and Titanium Grand Prix was brought in
  • Charity and NGO work were separated from brand-led communication over a two-year ‘transitional’ period
  • Regulars felt the turnout this year was almost 30–40% less than previous years
  • The absence of Publicis Groupe also contributed to this decrease in footfall

Commenting on the new improved festival, Jose Papa, Managing Director, Cannes Lions said: “Just as the industry has to innovate, so does the Festival. The new structure is a big change to how we present and think about the Lions, but it was important to do it if the Festival is to remain relevant.”

So as the sun officially set on the 65th Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Mike Cooper, CEO of PHD Worldwide, gave his view of the newer version of the festival.

“I like the fact that it is a bit smaller and less crowded. I think everything feels a bit more accessible. I think it’s healthy that Cannes Lions is re-focusing on the most important thing, which is being a festival of creativity. That’s why people are here. A couple of years ago I felt like questioning what it was. Is it a festival of creativity? Or one of technology, or consultancy? Is it like a version of CES? I think it’s good that it has been re-focused and it feels a lot better and it is a much stronger event because of that. It felt as if it had over expanded a bit in the past. Everybody needs to remember that it is agencies that produce the product; they are the ones that build transformational, innovative solutions for clients. That’s what is important, and Cannes Lions is about celebrating that innovation and creativity. Anything that gets us back to that place is a good thing.”

Published in Exchange4Media.com