This article was first published by AdNews.

PHD Australia has partnered with Ferrero on their latest campaign to promote Tic Tac’s new flavour with a berry-scented outdoor activation.

A giant box of Tic Tacs will have a Woolworths or Coles store in Australia smelling like berries in a promotion of the latest berries flavour released from the brand.

Working in partnership with PHD, oOh media and The Mix Agency, the boxes will be distributed in proximity to Woolworths and Coles entrances across NSW, VIC and QLD.

Ferrero, Tic Tac’s parent company, took the opportunity to communicate the new Tic Tac flavour in a more sensorial way, with the aim of enticing consumers to try our new berry flavour.

“Ferrero along with PHD are always looking for media innovation that brings the core idea of our brand campaigns to life and this OOH execution delivers this 100%,” Ferrero says.

Tic Tac business director Melissa Haggerty comments: “This campaign really ignites the playful fun that is core to the Tic Tac brand. I believe it is one our consumers will love and will put a smile on our shoppers’ faces.”